A Dry Weekend Before Rain Returns

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Ag News, Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

We’ll see a few more dry days before a more active weather pattern sets in. This is the Seed Genetics Direct Planting Weather Forecast with HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin. Know the price of your corn and soybean seed before you buy it with Seed Genetics Direct! Sign up to get a Seed Guide in July, with a price list, at seedgeneticsdirect.com.

Martin’s forecast calls for a nice weekend with rain-free weather Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

“Temperatures are not going to be as warm as what we saw earlier in the week but still normal to slightly above normal, particularly as we go through the weekend. Humidity values will start to creep up as well as we move through the weekend. Still though, great evaporation potential the next three days. Excellent dry down chances.”

Next week’s forecast does contain rain.

“Monday starts things off with scattered showers trying to work through. This is in advance of a frontal boundary that will likely pass by overnight Monday night into Tuesday. Combined rain totals for the two days are anywhere from a quarter on the low end to maybe 1.5” on the top end. The higher end of the range depends on thunderstorms entirely. We then dry down for Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday but see another round of moisture coming overnight Wednesday night into Thursday. Hit-and-miss scattered showers are trying to move across northern Indiana, not as much down in central and southern locations.”

Next week ends with another rain event Saturday night into Sunday.

“We could see some significant rains over southern Indiana, but I’m going to put rain totals at .5” to 1.5” with 70 percent coverage overall. The key places that we could miss out on moisture out of that late in the 10-day forecast window event are going to be northern tier counties and then, of course, up into Lower Michigan.”

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