Another Planting Window Appears to be Opening Across Indiana

by | May 26, 2022 | Ag News, Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

Another planting window appears to be opening across Indiana. This is the Seed Genetics Direct Planting Weather Forecast with HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin. If you are looking for a robust lineup of corn or soybeans, both traited and conventional, and you want to increase your yield and your savings, contact Todd and Chris Jeffries at!

After several days of rain, Martin says we’ll see a very warm and dry weekend emerge.

“As a matter of fact, I’m very excited about the drying potential of this week. Everything that we got over the past few days will have to come out via evaporation or moving down through the soil profile, but we should be able to facilitate that quite nicely with sunshine and blue skies starting Saturday and going through nearly all of this upcoming week.”

Temperatures will be well above normal through the weekend and Monday.

“We’ll see upper 80s/lower 90s across a large part of Indiana. Humid conditions will be here but part of that’s just due to the fact that we’re moving some fairly significant evaporation, near maximum evaporation of 3 tenths of an inch per day possible, this weekend through Tuesday.”

Martin’s forecast has a minor front trying to work through overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

“Expect only a few hundredths to a tenth or 2, then we’re right back to the sunny, warm, and dry weather for the rest of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and throw Sunday in there as well. This is going to be a great week for drying potential. Again, it comes down to just how much rain you got the past few days as to when you can take advantage of that opportunity for drying.”

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