Avian Influenza Detected in Third Dubois County Commercial Poultry Flock

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

Avian influenza has been detected in an additional commercial poultry flock in Indiana. This is the fifth farm in Indiana to be diagnosed with avian influenza. The latest case is the third case in Dubois County.

In an update from the Indiana Board of Animal Health on Wednesday, they said depopulation efforts were underway on the premises which houses 35,908 birds. This brings the total of depopulated turkeys in Indiana over 150,000.

All commercial poultry farms within a 10-kilometer circle of each farm diagnosed with avian influenza has been placed under quarantine and will be tested regularly.

BOAH staff continue to reach out to known hobby/backyard poultry owners in the control areas to schedule testing of birds to ensure the virus is not present. To date, 32 hobby flocks have been sampled; laboratory testing determined them as negative.Hobby poultry owners in Southern Dubois County or Greene County should contact BOAH at 317-544-2387 to schedule testing at no charge.

Avian influenza does not present a food safety risk; poultry and eggs are safe to eat. Officials are not aware of any public health significance with this virus. No cases of human infection have been reported. Human health agencies will be monitoring workers and others in contact with birds to monitor for influenza-like illness.  

Indiana is a leading producer of poultry, eggs and poultry products. Nationally, Indiana ranks number 1 in ducks, second in layer chickens and table eggs, and third in turkeys, as well as a major producer of broilers. Dubois County is Indiana’s leading turkey-producing county.

Source: Indiana Board of Animal Health

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