Communication is Key for BASF, Customers to Manage Crop Protectant Supplies

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Ag News, Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

Despite the snow on the ground, spring is inching closer. Farmers are wondering if they will be able to get their herbicides and fungicides. For months, they’ve been told of a shortage of many products, including glyphosate and glufosinate.

Robbie Upton, BASF’s director of marketing for U.S. crop business, says the company hasn’t shied from the truth.

“BASF also reacted proactively—started to be transparent and planned along with our distribution, retail partners, farmers and growers to say, ‘Let’s put a plan together so we know the true amount of products we need by when,’” he says. “That was a proactive approach to be upfront about the challenge we have so we can plan together.”

Increased demand for products and the supply chain issues have hindered abilities to get products to farmers, such as Liberty.

“The other products—other key fungicides and herbicides—are certainly available, but here’s where working with a retailer or partner of choice to put together a strong agronomic plan is absolutely the key to managing the concern around supply,” says Upton.

Upton suggests growers get sound agronomic insight. For example, modernizing pre-emergent herbicides.

“Using strong pre-emerge with long-lasting residual herbicides as well would certainly take the pressure off not being able to have as much of one of the knockdown chemistries like Liberty or others,” he says.

With planting season in view, he says there should be constant communication between farmers and their retailers.

“Make sure we’re getting clear and accurate information to the marketplace,” says Upton. “Not all products are going to be short. There will be products out there. Let’s make sure that you’re working with a trusted advisor who can give you accurate information.”

For more information, contact your local rep or retailer.

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