Congressman Greg Pence Pushes Biden Administration to Seek Inflation Relief for Indiana Farmers

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, National Agricultural News, News Feed, Policy

If you’re an Indiana farmer, you know that it’s becoming far more expensive to run your farm with inflation on the rise. That’s why Congressman Greg Pence (R-IN 6th District) and the state’s  Republican Congressional Delegation are pushing the Biden Administration to do more to help Indiana’s farmers.

Pence and Congressman Jim Baird (R-IN 4th District) have written a letter directly to President Biden asking his administration to provide inflation relief for Hoosier farmers.  That letter has been signed by all of Indiana’s Republican representatives and shared exclusively with Hoosier Ag Today.

Pence says there are three main areas where the Biden Administration can immediately help Indiana farmers.

“Number one is with the Commodity Credit Corporation. We requested that the agency create a level playing field by making more funds available going forward. Number two is to improve farm equipment supply chains. The average person out there doesn’t realize the farmer actually needs to fix a tractor, and parts have been very difficult to find, as well as chemicals. Number three is we’d like to ease  what is the fuel and energy pressures by increasing domestic energy supply,” says Pence.

He is asking specifically for the White House to ramp up production for both fossil fuels and biofuels here in the U.S. and do more to lower Hoosier’s energy bills.

“We’re going to have to spend more to dry the grain,” says Pence. “Everyone’s electricity bill has gone up. Mine is certainly up 40-or-50 percent.”

Pence also says he wants to see several regulations that have been a burden to Indiana farmers and the ag industry go away – including the reporting of environmental disclosures for farms and ag businesses.

“The latest one, and this was just about two weeks ago, I had what I call a ‘barn meeting’ in one of my counties with a number of agriculture representatives. This ESG reporting came up. It’s incredibly frustrating to folks. It’s an attempt on the government to pick winners and losers here. The whole environmental issue is ‘let’s push the little guys out and make it more difficult and more costly for them just to comply,’” says Pence.

Click HERE to read the letter from Congressman Greg Pence, Congressman Jim Baird and Indiana’s Republican Delegation to President Biden requesting policy changes and inflation relief for Hoosier farmers.

Click BELOW to listen to C.J. Miller’s radio news report on Congressman Greg Pence’s push for the Biden Administration to seek inflation relief for Indiana farmers.


Click BELOW to hear C.J. Miller’s news interview with Congressman Greg Pence (R-IN 6th District).


Congressman Greg Pence (R-IN 6th District) meets with representatives from Indiana Farm Bureau in his office in Washington, D.C. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

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