Dispelling Myths About E15 Gasoline

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

President Biden says he’s lifting the ban on summertime E15 gasoline sales in an effort to give drivers a less expensive fuel option.

Since that announcement, many myths about E15, or Unleaded 88 as you might see it at the pump, have been circulating, likely propagated by “big oil”. Myths such as- does E15, gas blended with 15 percent ethanol derived from corn and other grains, create more smog than conventional fuels?

“No, in fact it’s really an unfounded claim,” says Chris Bliley, vice president of regulatory affairs, Growth Energy. “E15 actually is lower in volatility than regular gasoline that you see at the pump today. In fact, there are numerous studies out there that show E15 reducing emissions and improving air quality, reducing harmful air toxics, reducing particulate emissions.”

Bliley says that E15 is beneficial to the environment.

“On the greenhouse gas benefits, ethanol is nearly a 50 percent reduction compared to gasoline and with, readily available technologies we can get even lower,” he says. “It’s a vital tool to address climate as well as other air emission issues.”

E15 is approved for some 96 percent of all vehicles on the road today, and all 2001 and newer.

“It’s been more than two decades since a car was made that isn’t approved for E15 by the EPA,” says Bliley. “It’s actually closer to 98 percent of the vehicle miles traveled.”

The EPA approved summertime E15 in 2019, but “big oil” sued to prevent it and won. Bliley says it would be disappointing to see oil companies try and stop this at this point.

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