Golden Harvest Gold Series Soybeans Ready for ’22

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

When you’re planning seed, inputs, planting dates and everything else aimed at planting and growing a great soybean crop, what matters most?

“I think first and foremost it comes down to genetics,” says Stephanie Porter, Golden Harvest Soybean Product Manager.

Local Golden Harvest seed advisors are in each farmers’ area, and they are a great resource to learn more about the best fit for that area.

“Yes, the Golden Harvest seed adviser is definitely your go-to for that soybean decision, but we also have where we have an Enlist E3 landing page as well as Gold Series.”

The Gold Series soybeans are available in 2022 and the series offers farmers more choices.

“And what that consisted of is soybeans that were exclusively elite genetics from Syngenta and the best part was that they were offered in different trait packages, so not only do we offer and Enlist E3, we also have XtendFlex and that helps to give farmers choice to help them pick that perfect seed to go into the ground.”

The extensive breeding and testing to get the Gold Series into fields has Porter and her company excited now that the ’22 planting season is here.

“We’ve put extensive dollars into that research and development and really what we’re seeing is the fruits of that labor right now,” Porter said. “They’re very extensively tested for diseases so I think what separates us from the competition is not only our elite genetics and our trait options of course, but also the agronomic traits which can be huge with soybean products. So, I think it’s just a lot for us to be proud of and we’re ready to get those out there and in farmers’ fields.”

She adds the exclusive genetics enable Golden Harvest to offer farmers many of the industry’s highest-yielding and leading defensive soybean varieties with flexibility in herbicide trait choice.

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