Harvest Weather Forecast: A Good Harvest Window for a Large Chunk of the Week

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Ag News, Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

We have a good harvest window for a large chunk of the next 10 days. We are sunny, warm and dry for Saturday. However, we do have moisture moving up into the state Sunday and Monday, from a system that is digging its way out of the Southern Plains and MO valley on Saturday. Rains start in southern Indiana mid-morning on Sunday, and then continue to spread north. Rains linger into Monday early afternoon, although they will not be constant through that period. All told, we look for .1”-.8” rain totals with the higher end of the range mostly likely from I-70 south. Northern areas will be in the lower half of the range. The map below shows 36-hour rain potential for the period ending at 3 p.m. Monday.

We get full sunshine back for Tuesday and we stay sunny and dry through the end of the week on Sunday. We may see a few clouds around to finish the week on Saturday and Sunday in northern Indiana, but no precipitation. Evaporation rates will be strong, and we should dry quickly, which is why we say we have a good harvest window or opportunity again in this forecast.

Monday the 7th we start off our next week with sun, but clouds may quickly return. A strong frontal system is coming together rate net weekend in the Great Plains and could bring potential for moisture closer to Tuesday the 8th. However, that frontal complex has been highly changeable so this point and will likely undergo plenty of additional changes as it tries to work into a very dry airmass.

Extended Period:

Outside of that potential or rain early in the period on Tuesday the 8th, we look to be mostly dry on through most of the rest of next week. High pressure actually looks to dominate late in the week and for the weekend. This will bring another chance to finish up harvest in a lot of areas.

Weeks 3 & 4:

Mostly near normal precipitation in weeks three and four, meaning we stay on the drier side of things for the overall pattern. Temps will step up a few notches the second half of November and will average 2-5 degrees above normal for the period.

Week 3 Precipitation v. Normal:

Week 3 Temps v. Normal:

Week 4 Precipitation v. Normal:

Week 4 Temps v. Normal:

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