How To Better Manage Energy Costs and Fuel Expenses Through Ceres Solutions

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Ceres Solutions is partnering with CountryMark to offer a Price Risk Management Program that allows fuel customers to lock in fuel prices through a contract for a specific period of time and help them to better budget for their energy needs.

Wayne and Jason McCutchan, who farm near Ladoga in Montgomery County, Indiana. Photo provided by Ceres Solutions.

“Price Risk Management through Ceres has helped our operation budget and plan for current and future expenses on our fuel needs. Now we know that we have a consistent supply of quality fuel at a set price for the time period that we lock in,” says Wayne McCutchan, who farms with his son Jason near Ladoga, Indiana in Montgomery County.

The Ceres Solutions Price Risk Management Program is popular with farm operations across Indiana and Michigan and can be a valuable tool on your operation. In today’s volatile energy market, the Ceres Solutions Price Risk Management Program takes the guesswork out of forecasting fuel expenses. They cater to clients with both large-and small-scale fuel needs to develop a custom program within budget parameters.

Ceres Solutions doesn’t take the one-size-fits-all approach.  They understand that all of their customers have unique energy needs. That’s why their Price Risk Management Program is all about flexibility.

  • You pick the fuel amount.
  • You pick the contract period.
  • You pick the delivery schedule.

Their Price Risk Management customers will have a dedicated energy professional committed to meeting their specific needs.

Ceres Solutions energy professionals use their technical expertise of the fuel industry and real-world experience to work with their customers and their needs. Contracted fuel prices are stable during a designated contract period, and it is guaranteed that the price will not increase even during the most dramatic market fluctuation.

The Ceres Price Risk Management Program is available for CountryMark proprietary fuel products, including Premium Dieselex-4 and the PLUS gasoline line. Non-proprietary fuel products are also eligible for contracting.

Additional Services and Programs

Signup for the Keep-Full program, and you will always have the fuel you need to get the job done.  This program includes fuel delivery right to your tank.

Tank Equipment

Ceres Solutions sells and installs quality fuel tanks for any size job. Additional tank equipment is also available for purchase, including fuel filters, pumps, hoses, etc.

Additional benefits to consider:

  • Consistency of one quality fuel brand through one trusted supplier
  • Convenient on-site fuel delivery service to customer tanks
  • Personal relationship and support from Ceres Solutions team members
  • Avoiding seasonal fuel cost fluctuations for long-term projects
  • More accurate determination of your bottom-line operations profit potential

To learn more about Ceres Solutions Price Risk Management program, please visit their website at  You may also contact your local energy office or their energy offices in Crawfordsville at 765-362-6108 or in Wabash at 260-563-9541.

Click HERE to read more about The Ceres Price Risk Management Program.

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