How To Protect Your Nitrogen Investment with the Right Stabilizer from Ceres Solutions

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

The rising costs of inputs have been putting a strain on Indiana farm operations.  Up to 28% of nitrogen applied can be lost due to volatility, leaching and denitrification.  Stabilizers can offer significant advantage this year.

Stabilizers fall into one of two camps: nitrification inhibitors and urease inhibitors for volatilization.

The uptake stages are shown below:

In addition to protecting more of your fertilizer investment, nitrogen stabilizers also help protect the environment.  That’s because stabilizers are formulated to help keep nitrogen in the root zone so plants can use it for producing grain.

Instead of applying excess nitrogen to compensate for expected loss, you can apply less stabilized nitrogen, which helps to promote good stewardship of land and water resources.

“If you think about the cost of these stabilizers, you can basically pay for those with just two to three bushels of corn prices as we look in the ‘22 season, so [it’s] a very good return on investment,” says Jeff Nagel, agronomist with Ceres Solutions.

Ceres Solutions has the timely support you need now.

Reducing Stress

Ready to learn more?  The presentation below was recently created by Ceres Solutions to help growers understand the tools that help reduce stress during grain fill.  While some products may be referenced in this summary, it is critical to consult your local Ceres Solutions Agronomy branch to discover which products are performing best in your region.

Check out the video below from your Ceres Solutions Agronomist that corresponds with the location of your farming operation, then contact your local branch.

Troy Jenkins gives perspective to address issues seen in Eastern Indiana and Michigan counties:

Jeff Nagel gives perspective to address issues seen across Central and Western Indiana counties:

Betsy Bower addresses issues seen in Western and Southern Indiana counties:

To learn more about protecting your nitrogen investment with the right stabilizer from Ceres Solutions, please visit their website at  You may also contact your local energy office or their energy offices in Crawfordsville at 765-362-6108 or in Wabash at 260-563-9541.

Click HERE to read more about protecting your nitrogen investment with the right stabilizer from Ceres Solutions.

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