Indiana-based Intelinair Launches New Satellite and Aerial Imaging Software for Ag Retailers

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Ag News, Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

A screenshot of the AGMRI software. Photo provided by Intelinair.

If you’re an ag retailer and want a birds-eye view of how your customer’s farmlands and crops are doing in terms of their health, there’s a new consulting software program available using satellite and aerial technology.

Intelinair, an automated crop intelligence company based out of Indianapolis, is launching AGMRI Enterprise, a software service that uses high resolution imagery to give an overall view of what is happening on a customer’s farmland.

The software uses high resolution images taken from satellites, drones and airplane flyovers and uploads it to your phone or computer to give an overall view of issues, such as diseases, weeds and nitrogen deficiencies.

The company says AGMRI Enterprise, which is available via webapp and iPhone app, provides instant alerts to what is happening in all customer fields, as well as views for weed pressure, emergence, yield risk and nutrient deficiency.

“There was no way to get their level of insight before and now we’re doing it across your entire field and we’re doing it through the growing season 13 times a year,” says Kevin Krieg, Director of Product Marketing for Intelinair, who says the technology helps both ag retailers and their farm customers save a lot of time and helps spot issues before they may be noticed otherwise.

“One of the key things too is that we have the ability with that resolution where we can see things so much earlier in the season than anything else, so that gives you the time to be able to go out and capture some tissue samples, scout the field [and] do whatever you need to do early enough to be able to make a plan and execute that plan in season to get the optimum yield at the end of the year for you,” says Krieg.

Intelinair says they analyze millions of acres of farmland each year, helping farmers make thousands of decisions for improved operations and profitability.

“We use thermal imaging to be able to then be able to detect where the crop is having a temperature rise due to the stress that that disease,” according to Krieg.  “Typically, we can see that before symptoms are even present on that crop so that really gives us optimism that we can help farmers and retailers stay ahead of any disease issues for this next year and be able to get those fields treated in a timely manner before any potential yield impacts come into play.”

A screenshot of the AGMRI Enterprise software from Intelinair. Photo provided by Intelinair.

The company says satellite imagery is offered throughout the U.S. and Canada, and aerial imagery is offered in select counties in Indiana, including the entire areas of Pulaski, White, Cass, Benton, Carroll, Tippecanoe, Warren, Fountain, Montgomery, and Clinton counties.  The company also provides partial aerial coverage of both Posey and Putnam counties.  The company says they plan to expand the platform availability for future growing seasons.

AGMRI®, Intelinair’s flagship product, pulls and analyzes data from high-resolution aerial, satellite, and drone imagery and provides alerts on specific problems in areas of fields as notifications to farmers’ smartphones.

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A screenshot of the Intelinair AGMRI Enterprise Dashboard. Photo provided by Intelinair.

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