Indiana State Soil Health Specialist McLain Leaving for Same Role in Home State

by | May 18, 2022 | Ag News, Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

Indiana will soon be seeking a new State Soil Health Specialist. Stephanie McLain has held the position with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service for nearly 5 years but will be moving back home to Minnesota for the same position later this month.

“Indiana’s really made such a big splash in the soil health movement just across the entire state and across the nation as a whole as being recognized as a leader in soil health. So, 5 years ago when I was offered this position, I was like, ‘Oh yeah! That’s where I want to go. Pack up your bags, girls. We’re headed to Indiana.”

McLain has been a regular guest on the HAT Soil Health Podcast over the past few years. She is featured on the podcast again this month, now found at, and discusses the move.

“The move back to Minnesota is a really exciting one for me and for my family because we’re going to be moving back closer to our family. I’m excited to be working with coworkers that I worked with 5 years ago and farmers that are doing soil health practices there, to take everything I’ve learned here in Indiana and bring that back, and just start to plug in with people that are excited and passionate about soil health there.”

She is joined on this HAT Soil Health Podcast by Barry Fisher, who also previously served as Indiana’s State Soil Health Specialist, to discuss the partnerships and training provided in Indiana to further soil health practices and knowledge. Find that podcast now at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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