Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Dairy Celebrate National School Breakfast Week in Franklin

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

Schools across the country are celebrating National School Breakfast Week this week, but I’m guessing not many got the chance to celebrate the way the kids at Franklin Community Middle School did Monday morning. They were greeted in the cafeteria by Jackson County dairy farmer Greg Peters, Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman Danny Pinter, and Colts cheerleaders.

After breakfast, a convocation was held in the gym where Peters educated the students about dairy farming.

“As kids get further and further removed from ag, a lot of kids don’t necessarily realize where their food comes from… We like to keep dairy at the forefront because, ounce for ounce, it’s probably as nutritional of a drink as you can get. And it’s just important to let the kids see it from farm to their cart here at breakfast.”

Pinter told the students about the importance of a healthy breakfast to start their day. He added that milk needs to be part of their diet if they have dreams of becoming a professional athlete like he did.

“Definitely! I don’t think there’s a strength coach in the country you would talk to who wouldn’t tell you about the importance of milk, whether that’s protein shakes, milk, anything like that, it definitely plays a role in us being able to do what we do.”

As a professional athlete, Pinter puts in some long days in the gym and on the field. But he recognizes that farmers are often putting in even more time to feed the world.

“I’m extremely grateful for what farmers do. I have several friends that grew up on farms, so I know how selfless a job it is and how much work goes into that. Especially in Indiana, I mean that’s kind of the backbone of the state, farming. So, just extremely grateful for everything the farmers do.”

Along with Pinter and the Colts cheerleaders, Blue, the Colts mascot, made an appearance at the event. Check out the video above.

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