Indoor Aeroponic Farm Facility Planned For Muncie

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

A computer-generated illustration of what the new Living Greens Farm facility in Muncie will look like once it opens for production in early 2023. Photo provided by Living Greens Farms.

Muncie will soon be home to a facility that will produce vegetables indoors year-round without soil through a process called aeroponic farming.

Living Greens Farm, based out of Minnesota, has announced it is expanding its operations and will spend more than $70 million to move into a 200,000 square foot building on the southwest side of Muncie.

That facility will be used to grow and process lettuce, as well as herbs and other vegetables for use in bagged salads and salad kits.  These salads will then be distributed to grocery stores throughout the Midwest.

The company plans to hire approximately 120 people to start production in early 2023.

According to the company, the indoor farm will be able to grow and harvest five million pounds of vegetables and herbs every year without pesticides.  Living Greens Farm also says their facility will use less water than traditional farming methods and claims to save over 100 million gallons of water a year as part of their production.

The company uses aeroponics to grow its vegetables and herbs, which is the process of growing plants without soil using water to wash over the roots in the form of a nutrient-filled mist.

The facility, which was built in 2015 but has not yet been used, sits at 2450 W. Fuson Road in Muncie.  The building was constructed on county-owned land by approval from Delaware County officials using taxpayer funds in order to attract a business like Living Greens Farm to the area.

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