Pioneer Agronomist: Don’t Change Corn, Soybean Maturities Yet

by | May 10, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

Planting progress should increase significantly this week with the largest planting window we’ve seen this year opening up. It’s not likely though that many will finish planting this week, and North Central Indiana Pioneer agronomist Brian Early says they’re already starting to get a lot of questions from growers about switching corn and soybean maturities.

“Unfortunately, if you look across the last decade or two decades, we’ve had a lot of these wet springs where we get stuff in kind of late. So, we actually have data to support that for both corn and soybeans you shouldn’t change up any maturities even until the first, and possibly the second week, of June.”

When should we start thinking about different maturities?

“The crop insurance date, or right before the crop insurance date is a pretty good date,” explains Early. “So, when you’re in extreme northern Indiana, maybe that date is June 5, and if you move south, it’ll creep later. So, yeah, kind of that floating first week right there is when most people across the state need to really start having that discussion.”

While the focus this week will be on corn and soybeans, Early says there is a renewed interest in taking care of Indiana wheat this year because it’s worth so much and the acres are off.

“Right now, if you look at wheat it’s fairly healthy and it normally is when it’s this stage. So, we’ll start to see some rust show up, some downy mildew and things like that on it. So, even though you don’t see it right now, when the flag leaves start to come out, it would be pretty pertinent this year to scout and really think about putting an application on wheat. I tell you, we get a pretty consistent pay off on fungicide on wheat, so it almost always pays its way.”

Hear the full HAT interview with Pioneer agronomist Brian Early below.

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