Purdue Crop Chat Episode 37, Hot & Dry Conditions Stressing Crops, Tar Spot & Other Disease

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Ag News, Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed, Purdue Crop Chat

On this edition of Purdue Crop Chat, a regular podcast from Hoosier Ag Today and the Purdue University Extension Service featuring Purdue Extension soybean specialist Dr. Shaun Casteel and Extension Corn Specialist Dr. Dan Quinn, Shaun and Dan welcome Purdue Extension Field Crop Pathologist Dr. Darcy Telenko to discuss disease in both corn and soybeans, but specifically tar spot in corn.

They also talk about how the hot and dry weather is stressing Indiana crops.

During the podcast, Telenko urges farmers to visit sites to help with disease recognition and prevention. You can find those links here. For tar spot, she recommends downloading the Tarspotter app available for both iPhone and Android.

The Purdue Crop Chat is presented by the Indiana corn and soybean checkoffs- visit yourcheckoff.org!

Hear the podcast below:


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