Purdue Farm Tour Just Days Away

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

Tipton and Clinton Counties will be host to the Purdue Farm Management Tour this coming Tuesday and Wednesday with three farm tours and the Indiana Master Farmer reception sprinkled in Tuesday afternoon at Beck’s Hybrids.

In addition to seeing different approaches to farm management, those on the tour will hear two different operators explain how they’ve been able to transition from one generation to the next.

“That’s always a concern for Indiana farm families as the younger generation wants to come home and become part of the farm operation, how do we do it?” says Jim Mintert with Purdue. “There’s no single answer to that question so we’ve got two farms taking somewhat different approaches. The Henderson family has taken an approach of combining some off farm employment with the farm, the staff and family a little different approach with respect to how they were able to incorporate their 2 sons and their families into the operation. There will be an opportunity to learn more about that, and then of course at the Farm Management Tour there is always lots of discussion about how the farms are going about growing corn and soybeans, what the technology approach is, how they solve the various technology problems that are presented to them.”

Mintert says people are always interested in the facilities on the tour, and that will be a point of discussion.

“A couple of these farms have put up new farm shops,” he told HAT. “One of them has put up a relatively new grain system, so lots of opportunities to think about some ideas you can take home both from a management perspective as well as the facility and technology perspective.”

As always, the Purdue Farm Management Tour is free to attend.

“Really appreciative of our sponsorships from Farm Credit MidAmerica and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance that allows us to offer the tour at no cost. We do encourage people to register on our website and of course that’s where all the details are.”

The website is purdue.edu/commercialag. Registration is available there and includes a check box for the Master Farmer reception. Registration is also required for that.

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