Purdue’s Ag Alumni Association: ‘A Lifetime of Fun and Engagement’ With Your Alma Mater

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

As we’ve previously reported, Purdue football celebrated Ag Day last Saturday as they upended Indiana State 56-0. The Purdue Ag Alumni family got together prior to the big game for a tailgate. This was the fifth year for Ag Day at Ross-Ade, and Danica Kirkpatrick, Executive Director of the Purdue Ag Alumni Association, says this is the first time they were able to host a tailgate party.

“We were able to partner with Beck’s and Can-Am to be able to present this tailgate to our alumni, to our faculty and staff in the college, to our students, and we are thrilled. We have over 200 people here today, the band stopped by, and we’ve had all kinds of fun. There’s music and lots of friends visiting. So, it’s been a really great day.”

Kirkpatrick says the Purdue Ag Alumni Association is not a fee-based association. Once you graduate with your College of Agriculture degree, you’re in! She believes that being active in the association brings value to the college experience for current students.

“We have alumni who may come to this tailgate and then maybe we’ll talk to them, and they’ll want to become mentors to our students, or they’ll want to come to some of our other events. So, there are just a lot of opportunities when they come together for a social event like this so we can continue that relationship.”

Kirkpatrick describes the Purdue Ag Alumni Association as “family”. It’s all about attending events and networking.

“We’re looking at doing some virtual and regional events. Being in the Ag Alumni Association means that you’re going to hear about opportunities like international travel for our alumni group. We’re going to go to Costa Rica next March. It might be that you get invited to come to the fish fry. So, there are just a lot of things that once you get connected to us, even as a student if you keep with that connection, it’s a lifetime of fun and engagement all with your alma mater.”

If you’re a Purdue College of Ag alum and want to get more involved, get more information at ag.purdue.edu. You can also find them on social media.

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