Seed Genetics Direct Supporting Customers and Commodity Organizations With Trip to Classic

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

Seed Genetics Direct is the fastest growing independent seed company in the Eastern Corn Belt. Serving Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, they are the only independent seed company that made their way to New Orleans for Commodity Classic. Seed Genetics Direct Vice President Todd Jeffries explains why.

“It’s important for us to be here because we want to support our customers; we want to support National Corn Growers; we want to support Ohio Corn and Wheat; Indiana Corn Growers. You know, we think we’re independent and we want to make sure growers know that we’re a choice.”

One unique aspect of Seed Genetics Direct is the fact that farmers can actually know what it is they’re paying for seed simply by looking at their seed guide. That’s certainly not the industry norm.

“In the back of our seed guide we do publish our price list for corn and soybeans, wheat, everything we sell. You know, when you look at the farm, it’s a business, and Seeds Genetics Direct, we’re a business. In order for us to be successful, we need to know what our input costs are from our vendors. At the farm gate, it’s the same way.”

Jeffries says another point of pride for Seed Genetics Direct is that they’re family owned, so you don’t have to deal with corporate games. You just get fair, upfront pricing on elite corn and soybean genetics.

“One big thing a lot of seed companies are doing: they’re starting their own travel agencies and they’re giving free trips to kind of offset the seed price. You know, we’re in the seed business, not the travel agency business.”

If you’re in New Orleans, visit them in booth 4961. Check out the full interview with Jeffries in the video above.

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