US Considering More Ethanol in Gasoline

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

The White House is considering the possibility of removing restrictions on summer sales of higher ethanol blends as a way to help lower the cost of fuel for American drivers.

Three sources close to the discussion told Reuters that President Biden is looking at ways to bring down the soaring cost of gasoline, which recently hit record highs. Adding more ethanol to gasoline blends could potentially bring down prices at the nation’s pumps because ethanol is currently cheaper than regular gasoline blends.

The Environmental Protection Agency says it won’t comment on the possibility of the move but did say it was considering a range of options.

A bipartisan group of farm-state lawmakers recently pushed the White House to lift the summertime ban. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Dick Durbin from Illinois, two of the biggest corn-producing states, recently sent a letter to Biden asking him to allow the summertime sale of E15.

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