Way Too Much Moisture in the Forecast the Next Week to Ten Days

by | May 20, 2022 | Ag News, Indiana Agriculture News, News Feed

Hoosier Ag Today Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says there’s way too much moisture in the Seed Genetics Direct Planting Weather Forecast over the course of the next week to 10 days. Forecast details are on the way. Know the price of your corn and soybean seed before you buy it with Seed Genetics Direct! Sign up to get a Seed Guide in July with a price list at seedgeneticsdirect.com.

That moisture starts Friday with scattered showers in southern and northern areas of the state, and it doesn’t stop there.

“We’re still dealing with a frontal boundary that wants to come through over the weekend, Saturday into and through Sunday, that could have anywhere from a half to 2 inches of rain depending on where thunderstorms come together,” Martin says.

But wait- it’s still not done. Martin’s forecast includes several more waves of moisture coming through next week.

“We have a very strong system that hits Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, the entire area here, next Tuesday night through Wednesday. It could bring half to 2-inch rainfall totals once again to 100 percent of the Hoosier state. We follow that up with a couple of days of dryness but then see scattered showers for the 27th into the 28th, and once again a few scattered showers the 29th. So, we’re just not putting together any kind of dryness in between weather systems and our weather systems are way too big.”

Martin says temperatures will be below normal to finish this weekend and start next week before temps build going into the Memorial Day weekend. That’s a big reason why we’ll see those scattered showers the 27th-29th.

Martin’s full Planting Weather Forecast can be found at hoosieragtoday.com or in your inbox if you’re subscribed to the HAT e-newsletter. It’ll come each Saturday morning throughout the planting season.

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